Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jeffry Faisal's report on 295 OU 10/1A

Date: Tuesday, 30 March, 2010, 15:10

Dear All,

Agree with the suggestion on the area for GR1. Last week, for the green area (jogging track) between Margosa and Kenanga, I managed to get the officers at MBPJ to come for an inspection to look at the bad state of the area. Immediately after that, they got their subcontractors to clear the area... I am sure you all can see the difference now. However, sad to say, we have noticed the following bad habits of the residents living in the vicinity (Margosa and Kenanga):

a. Residents are throwing their DOMESTIC, GARDEN and CONSTRUCTION (from renovation) WASTE, DEBRIS ect into the green area hoping that the Alam Flora people will clear it. This is a very blatant and selfish act (dont mind to throw anywhere except in own house compound) resulting in the area turning into an open waste burning area.

b. Residents turning the green area adjacent to their homes into their private garden / vegetable plot by not only planting various vegetables/fruit trees etc BUT ALSO having the audacity to FENCE UP the area.. What if every one started doing that? It is a PUBLIC PARK for the enjoyment of the public. 'Enjoyment' here also includes visual (tak menyakit mata)..

c. Although there is clearly a signboard forbidding it, inconsiderate residents not only bring along their dogs to poo on the park making it difficult for us to jog or enjoy our walk, but also FAIL TO PUT THEIR DOGS ON A LEASH.., not only endangering the public but also insensitive to others rights. This is an offence but they dont seem to care.

d. Children and adults passing through throw thier food and drinks wrappers and empty bottles indiscriminately in the park and into the surrounding drains.. Who is to blame? Thier parents of course, who do not teach them not to throw rubbish any where they like.

2. Once we finish the gotong royong, I suggest we send a flyer or engage the residents including the KENANGA street leaders to tell everyone to stop treating our common areas as public dumping grounds. I am sure you all will see that these very culprits are the ones who will not join the gotong royong. Thanks and see you all at the gotong royong.

Jeffry Faisal

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jeffry!

    Thanks a million for what you have got done for 295 OU 10/1A. I have not gone there to see for myself, but it must be "transformed" by now.

    I must say I am proud to have a person like your kind sir living amongst us in our MS Community. You have the courage to say and to do what is right without fear or favour. To say the least, you dare to be different and I am sure we like it.


    Jonathan Lee


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