Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Proposed Events for the year 2010

The following events/programs have been proposed for the year 2010:

(1) Margosa Security was kick started effective 1st October 2009 after BSDRA put a stop to the collective security arrangement from September 2009 onwards.

(2) Gotong Royong Activities:

(a) Gotong Royong Phase 1 (GR1) on 10th April 2010 from 7.45am to 11.45am to include our Play Ground Area (242 OU 10/3)and Area between Margosa SD10/1A-1E and Kenanga SD9/1 (295 OU 10/3)

(3) Neighbourhood Get-Together BBQ Dinner on 1st May 2010 from 6.00pm onwards.

(4) A Briefing will be given by Encik Zam from Pejabat Perpaduan Daerah Petaling on 1st May 2010 from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. He would speak on behalf of Mr Beh How Sang, Pegawai Perpaduan Daerah Petaling

(5) Road Safety Campaign proposed by Jeffry Faisal

(6) Neighbourhood Watch to recreate awareness

(7) Composting Project proposed by Rafeeudeen Abubaker. Mr David Zon may be invited to speak on this subject.

(8) Annual Competition for most park in BSD proposed by Rafeeudeen Abubaker.

(9) Campaign against illegal ads with the removal of these ads from the community.

(10) Tree plainting exercise.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


To: Distinguished Members

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Persatuan will be held at Bilik Saga, Sri Damansara Club on Sunday, 28th March at 2.30 p.m. to consider the following matters:-


1. 2.30 p.m. Registration of Members/Guests;

2. 3.00 p.m. Welcome Address by MC;

3. Commencement of AGM

4. Address by President;

5. Address by Patron;

6. Address by Guest of Honor;

7. Presentation of Awards and Certificates of Appreciation

8. To confirm the Minutes of the 14th Annual General Meeting;

9. To consider only matters arising from the 14th Annual General Meeting;

10. To receive and approve the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December, 2009;

11. To elect the following office bearers for the year 2010/2011;

i) President

ii) Deputy President

iii) Two (2) Vice Presidents

iv) Honorary Secretary

v) Honorary Assistant Secretary

vi) Honorary Treasurer

vii) Honorary Assistant


viii) Eight (8) Ordinary

Committee Members

12. To appoint Two (2) Honorary Auditors for the year 2010;

13. To deal with such other written matters as may be put before it;

14. Closing Address by the Incoming President.

Members are hereby notified that the office bearers who will be retiring at the 15th Annual General Meeting are as follows:

President: Ravindran Raman Kutty

Deputy President: Andrew Hong Tat Beng

Vice President: Ong Hock Kooi

Vice President: Kishin Kumar Binwani

Honorary Secretary: Karen Pushpa Sharma

Honorary Assistant

Secretary: Tan Kim Yoke

Honorary Treasurer: Guna Sakaran Kuppusamy

Committee Members: - Walter Lee Hup Seng

- Zaharuddin Bin Md Ghani

- Gooi Thean Chooi

- Francis De Luke

- Allan Foo Kit Seng

- William Gan Wil Young

- Sin Jee Wan

- Kenneth Low Wei Ngee

Auditors: - Sasikumar Poduval

- Syed Razak Bin Syed Alsagoff


Assistant Treasurer: Chan Wan Siew


Karen Pushpa Sharma

Honorary Secretary

Dated at Petaling Jaya this 10th day of March 2010.

It is Delta Force Security Services from 1st March 2010

Dear Residents of Margosa SD10/1-3,

Warmest greetings from all of us in the MS Committee.

We wish to inform, effective from 12am 1st March, the security services of our area will be managed and maintained by a new company, Delta Force Security Services. Margosa A Committee for Margosa 10/4-8 will also change to Delta Force Security Services.

We noted the concerns and suggestions raised by you, and we shall take the necessary actions to continuing improve the security and safety of our little community. Together we will and can work towards the creation of crime-free haven for ourselves.

You may have noticed that the construction of our two guard houses at M4 and M5 is now completed and within the next few weeks, we shall have the electric boom gates. Henceforth implementation of the sticker entry and other needful security arrangements will follow very soon.

Meanwhile, we continue to welcome and value all your feedbacks and suggestions to improve our communal security. We thank you and salute you for being our eyes and our ears in the meaningful implementation of our Neighbourhood Watch program.

Warmest regards,

Margosa Security Committee

Cc: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Members of MS Committee

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Syarikat Keselamatan dikehendaki mematuhi perkara-perkara yang tertera di bawah:

1. Menentukan bilangan pengawal seperti telah dipersetujui berada di tempat bertugas tepat pada waktu yang ditetapkan tanpa gagal.

2. Menentukan pengawal yang bercuti atau tidak hadir kerana sebarang sebab digantikan.

3. Menentukan semua pengawal telah lulus tapisan keselamatan oleh pihak Polis diRaja Malaysia.

4. Menentukan semua pengawal telah diberitahu, memahami dan bersetuju mematuhi Tugas dan Tanggungjawab Pengawal Keselamatan yang ditentukan oleh Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Jalan Margosa SD 10 1/2/3 dari masa ke semasa.

5. Melantik seorang Penyelia pada setiap syif siang dan malam.

6. Menyediakan peralatan dan rangkaian komunikasi antara pengawal, Penyelia, wakil Jawatankuasa Keselamatan dan pihak Polis pada setiap masa.

7. Menentukan sebarang penukaran pengawal keselamatan dimaklumkan kepada Jawatankuasa Keselamatan dengan segera.

8. Bertanggunjawab penuh terhadap kelakuan, disiplin dan tingkah laku pengawal mereka.



Setiap Petugas Keselamatan bertugas dikehendaki mematuhi perkara-perkara yang tertera di bawah dan setiap Penyelia bertugas dikehendaki memantau dan menentukan ianya dilaksanakan pada setiap masa:

1. Berada di tempat bertugas tepat pada waktu yang ditetapkan.

2. Memakai pakaian seragam yang ditetapkan.

3. Menentukan Boom Gate dikunci pada waktunya dan Boom gate dikawal sentiasa ditutup dan dibuka untuk melepaskan kenderaan keluar masuk pada setiap waktu yang ditetapkan dari masa ke semasa.

4. Memerhatikan samada setiap kenderaan yang melalui Boom Gate mempunyai pelekat residen yang sah and meminta pemandu kenderaan yang tidak mempunyai pelekat mendaftarkan diri dan kenderaan mereka terlebih dahulu.

5. Menentukan serah-menyerah tugas dilakukan dengan sempurna sebelum menamatkan dan memulakan tugas setiap hari.

6. Sentiasa prihatin terhadap dan mengawasi setiap pergerakan keluar masuk kenderaan atau orang di kawasan yang ditugaskan.

7. Melapurkan dengan serta merta kepada pihak atasan dan polis setiap kenderaan atau orang serta kejadian yang mencurigakan.

8. Mengisi Buku Lapuran / Insiden dengan tepat, kemas dengan mencatat waktu yang sebenar.

9. Sentiasa menjaga disiplin diri dan tingkah laku sepanjang tempoh penugasan.

10. Sentiasa membawa Kad Pengenalan diri, Pas serta lessen memandu yang sah sewaktu bertugas.

11. Tidak boleh meninggalkan pos atau kawasan penugasan sewaktu bertugas tanpa mendapat kebenaran dari pihak atasan. Kebenaran ini hendaklah dicatit dalam Buku Laporan / Insiden.

12. Mematuhi setiap arahan dan garispanduan yang dikeluarkan oleh Jawatankuasa Keselamatan menerusi Syarikat Keselamatan.

Not right to ask visitors to pay for access stickers

Tuesday February 16, 2010

Not right to ask visitors to pay for access stickers

I AM a mother of a five-year-old boy who has just started kindergarten this year. The kindergarten is located in one of the housing areas in Bandar Sri Damansara.
As expected, this housing area has its own security guards situated at the only entrance of the area. I suppose the residents are paying monthly fees in order to have two men stand guard over the entrance as well as patrol the area from time to time.
Considering the rising crime rate and the concern the residents might have for their safety, I do understand the need for the security services.
But much to my surprise, the residents association has recently proposed for the parents of my son’s kindergarten to pay for the car access stickers, too.
The reason given was that the security guards would like to have a more stringent control over the access to the housing area. Frequent visitors must have the access stickers on their cars to be allowed to enter the area. Another reason they gave was that the housing area does not have many houses, hence the funds for the security services is insufficient.
Although the car access stickers do not cost a lot, I find this idea of having frequent visitors paying for the access stickers totally absurd. I wonder if any other housing areas are doing the same.
I am sure in Petaling Jaya alone, each housing area has at least one to two kindergartens, nurseries, music schools and tuition classes.
If I have a few children who attend classes at these places, then imagine how many stickers my car must have.

Concerned Mother,
Bandar Sri Damansara

Do you have the following items to give away?

Dear friends of Margosa SD10/1,2 and 3,

With the completion of our two guard houses at M4 and M5, we have need for the following items to furnish them:

(1)Big umbrellas like the one presently at M5;
(2)Plastic chairs;
(3)Table fans;
(4)Portable radios;
(5)Small square tables;
(6)Stone tables;
(7)Brooms and dustpans;
(8)Large garbage plastic bags;
(9)Any other small items which you think we need.

Please liaise with Rosalind Chai at 012-6845968 or Jonathan Lee at 013-2572119 or via this e-mail address if you have a contribution.

No one can do everything, everyone can do something. This is teamwork!

Warmest regards,

Margosa Security Committee

Cc: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members
Issues covered at meeting with residents on 7th February 2010

Dear All,

Below are the summary of the discussion points during our briefing today.

1. Residents were inform of the Account Status of MS Security; the monthly collection & expenses, total contribution for the guard house/fencing and expenses so far. (Goh, please sent the Account Summary to be attached)

2. Committee inform that another round of contribution for the fencing and Electrical Boom Gate will be carry out.

3. Residents were requested to approach their neighbours who have yet to fill in the the letter of consent for entrance closure, letter of consent for SD9 to fence up the front portion of the shared playgound in between SD10 and SD9, and to provide their details for the vehicle stickers.
If possible, convince them to be part of the contributing community as others. (Sidney/Goh, please provide the details to be attached)

4. Ravi, RA president was present to inform:
- Being linked to RA, our security effort will have the support and endorsement by RA, which has the link/support to police.
- RM200 administrative fees to RA is critical for RA to maintain their secretariat to assist all in the administrative and communication to the authority, such as MBPJ.
- Resident that had paid advance payment earlier to RA before the termination of the RA security, will not get refund as the total fees collected then was not sufficient to cover the security expenses. RA will provide the information/details on house in our area who has paid advance then.
- for complains such as road conditions, triming of trees, etc., RA advise us to report to MBPJ by calling MBPJ 24 hour Hotline (03- 79542020) and request for the report no., and follow up after 2 days. Resident can then SMS or Email to RA for RA to expedite them if MBPJ does not action promptly.

5. All to work to get MS resident to sign Letter of Consent to expedite the boom gate closure / limited entry for those without sticker.

6. All agreed to engage an additional secuity guard (to be 3 instead of 2) for night shift during the CNY week. Committee to explore this request with Security Co.

Please add things that I missed before we send to all the resident with the attachment from Goh and Sidney.

Appreciate if you can send it out (when it is ready - after others input and with the necessary attachment). Don't know why, my email limits no. of receipants.


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