Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Issues covered at meeting with residents on 7th February 2010

Dear All,

Below are the summary of the discussion points during our briefing today.

1. Residents were inform of the Account Status of MS Security; the monthly collection & expenses, total contribution for the guard house/fencing and expenses so far. (Goh, please sent the Account Summary to be attached)

2. Committee inform that another round of contribution for the fencing and Electrical Boom Gate will be carry out.

3. Residents were requested to approach their neighbours who have yet to fill in the the letter of consent for entrance closure, letter of consent for SD9 to fence up the front portion of the shared playgound in between SD10 and SD9, and to provide their details for the vehicle stickers.
If possible, convince them to be part of the contributing community as others. (Sidney/Goh, please provide the details to be attached)

4. Ravi, RA president was present to inform:
- Being linked to RA, our security effort will have the support and endorsement by RA, which has the link/support to police.
- RM200 administrative fees to RA is critical for RA to maintain their secretariat to assist all in the administrative and communication to the authority, such as MBPJ.
- Resident that had paid advance payment earlier to RA before the termination of the RA security, will not get refund as the total fees collected then was not sufficient to cover the security expenses. RA will provide the information/details on house in our area who has paid advance then.
- for complains such as road conditions, triming of trees, etc., RA advise us to report to MBPJ by calling MBPJ 24 hour Hotline (03- 79542020) and request for the report no., and follow up after 2 days. Resident can then SMS or Email to RA for RA to expedite them if MBPJ does not action promptly.

5. All to work to get MS resident to sign Letter of Consent to expedite the boom gate closure / limited entry for those without sticker.

6. All agreed to engage an additional secuity guard (to be 3 instead of 2) for night shift during the CNY week. Committee to explore this request with Security Co.

Please add things that I missed before we send to all the resident with the attachment from Goh and Sidney.

Appreciate if you can send it out (when it is ready - after others input and with the necessary attachment). Don't know why, my email limits no. of receipants.


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