Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Monday, April 19, 2010

MBPJ's stand on "boom gates"

From: wei beng LIEW []
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 6:50 PM
To: Yew Cheng Ho DJROA; Kon ton lee TAMERA; Lim Pay Chye RTSS23; Rajes DURA; Freddy Khoo Atilia RA; Johan Tung; Goay RA MEGAH MAS; Ronnie Danker APAC sect 10; Adrian Tan Hock Seng TMJRA; aLISSIA ra; Freddy Khoo Atilia RA; Ng Sau Kuen APAC; Sunny Yap TMJRA; Ban Loong Tan; Ngiam RT SS2 Barat; Steve Sacdev BURA; Chan Yee Onn; Choilin RA sect 12; Gary Choong; Gary Choong; loh chan wai; Ng Chee Kong Ronald DJROA; Wendy Chan; Rajes RA DURA ss21; Thirumanian RA Sect SS21 DU; Eileen Thong RT SS 20; K W Gary Yeoh; Laurette Gomez RA SECT 12; Johnny Tong; kl TAN rt ss25; Ravindran Kutty RA sRI dAMANSARA; Victor Lye TROPICANA; Magirin RAss2 uTARA; Megahmas RA; Patsy Oorjitham; Ravindran SS4C

Subject: MBPJ's stand on "boom gates"

Dear RAs/RTs Chairman & Chairperson,

I have just learned that MBPJ, thru' a sub-committee had convened a meeting and have decided TO MAKE a stand that all "boom-gates" erected within the authority of MBPJ - illegal and shall be removed/dismantled ASAP or when or after an official letter is issued to all those concerned.

I was made to believe that MBPJ is just making a stand in order to protect themselves from any legal liability, however, folks we need to meet to discuss before they enforce the decision!

Be it as it may, APAC is very concerned that MBPJ may with the support of the state Government enforced the decision.

APAC propose we all meet up to "brainstorm" this critical issue ASAP.

We suggest the following:

Date : 21 April 2010 (Wednesday)

Time : 8.00 pm

Venue : Balai Raya DJROA (Damansara Jaya Residents and Owners Association)
No. 1a, Jalan SS 22/26, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Agenda : MBPJ's stand on "Boom-Gates" - the removal

Please forward to RAs or RTs not in my list, for those on the list please send a maximum of 3 representatives. thks. Also, kindly respond with a confirmation if you are attending

Cheers APAC Liew

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  1. FW: MBPJ's stand on "boom gates"
    Monday, 19 April, 2010 9:08
    From: "Ravindran Raman Kutty" View contact detailsTo: "'Gooi TC'" , "'Andrew Hong'" , "'BSD Residents Committee-Karen'" , "'Kim Tan'" , "'Jonathan Lee'" , "'Allan Foo'" , "'Mrs Lim'" ... moreMy dear TEAM,

    Please attend this meeting. Karen please forward to all our comrades so that we can make a good representation of BSDRA in this important meeting.
    Our Stand is...we will agree to remove the gates/gantries once we get a guarantee that our loved ones and properties are safe under the care of our
    POLICE and Local Authority.

    Our crime has dropped to 86% through our efforts with the guard and gate system, of course with the cooperation of POLICE. It is still being challenged by
    the intruders once in a while. From a crime infested township, we have now moved into a peaceful haven. Can anyone promise this peaceful state..then we will remove the
    gates and also save RM600,000 that we are paying currently.

    I am attending a dinner on this day and as such, i can't attend this meeting.

    Allen/Karen, please coordinate and make sure maximum people from our committee attend this important meeting.

    Thank you

    Ravindran Raman Kutty
    Corporate Communications
    Northport (Malaysia) Bhd
    Jalan Pelabuhan, North Port
    42000 Port Klang

    H/P : 012-3281567
    D/L : 03-31698603
    Fax : 03-31698671


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