Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Minutes of the 1st Jalan Margosa SD 10/1A/1B/1C/1D Residents Security Meeting 2009 Date: 14th October 2009 Time: 9.30 p.m. Venue: 22, Jalan Margosa SD 10/1D Attendance: See Annex`A’ INTRODUCTION 1. This meeting was held informally to discuss the setting up of a security arrangement for the houses situated in Jalan Margosa SD 10/1A, 10/1B, 10/1C and 10/1D. For the present, residents from Jalan Margosa SD 10/1E are not involved as their street also serves as the access road to a condominium and cannot be considered under the security arrangement proposed. Twenty-two (22) residents turned up for this meeting coordinated by Mr. Allan Ong Yeow Fooi. After thanking the residents who turned up for the meeting, Mr. Allan proceeded to brief the residents on the current security situation and the objective of the meeting. DISCUSSION AND DECISIONS 2. Current Status. Mr Allan Ong stated that at present residents of SD 10/1C and 1D had already started the security program for both their streets by collecting RM1600 per street and employing guards from the company run by Mr. Lim. He also stated that most of the residents of SD 10/1A, 1B and 1C have agreed to join this arrangement. The residents discussed whether they wanted to carry out monthly collection for the security on a “per street basis” or collectively, i.e. all 70 houses in the area. Decision: The residents voted for collection of monthly fees for the security arrangement to be on a collective basis whereby the total collection for all the 70 houses in SD 10/1A, 1B, 1C and 1D will be pooled and kept by an appointed treasurer, with the individual street representatives (4 for each street – 2 for each row of houses) keeping a record of all monies collected and remitted to the treasurer. However, the responsibility for the collection will lie with the respective street representatives. 3. Boom Gates: The residents discussed the need for boom gates to be placed at every street entrance and to leave only one gate open i.e. access to and from the area will be restricted to only one gate. Some residents voiced their concern that the streets in the area were not built for heavy 2-way traffic flow and the haphazard parking outside houses will make the problem worse. Other considerations discussed were the problems for friends, garbage collectors, TNB, visitors etc to access the area. The residents were also reminded that the opening of only one street for entry / exit will cause a heavy flow of traffic to be concentrated on that street thereby causing inconvenience and annoyance to those living there. Some residents suggested that the existing boom gates at the entry points from Persiaran Perdana and towards the Shell Station be utilized. Decision: The residents decided that the consensus of all residents residing in the area would be sought to decide the issue. All residents will be provided with a consent form to state their choice and if they agree to give their consent. Jeffry Faisal from SD 10/1B volunteered to prepare the consent forms. For the present the residents agreed to have empty oil drums in place to restrict entry / exit traffic to two streets i.e. SD 10/1B and 1C only during the daytime, and 1C only during the night time. 4. Security Company: The residents discussed the awarding of the contract for the provision of the security services, with some residents suggesting to maintain Mr. Lim’s company and others requesting for an open quotation process to select the best and most cost effective provider. The residents were reminded that the quality of the guards were of utmost importance as residents will opt out and not pay if they perceived the guards as ineffective or non-performing. The residents were briefed that the reality was that most of the guards employed by security companies today were not trained, did not comply with the existing regulations and had a high turn-over rate. Jeffry Faisal, who was a former security committee member for the Bandar Sri Damansara Residents Association, volunteered to set down conditions and regulations on the duties and conduct of the guards once the residents had decided upon the company to be employed. However, the residents were reminded that each and every resident had a role to play in providing feedback on the performance of the guards. Decision: The residents collectively agreed that a request for quotation will be called for from a few security companies. However, in the mean time, the present arrangement with Mr. Lim’s company be maintained on a month-by-month basis. 5. Monthly Collection: The residents discussed the amount to be collected monthly from each household. They also discussed whether the collection was to be based on each household or each family (as some families had more than one house). The residents were also briefed that the collection was based on how many guards they wanted – the ideal being having 2 guards during the day and 2 during the night. The residents were also reminded that to be effective, at least one guard per shift had to be mobile, preferably with a motorbike and had to have a walkie-talkie as a means of immediate communication to call for assistance, to warn of any suspicious intruders etc. All these requirements had also to be factored in when deciding on the amount to be collected. Decision: The residents decided to collect RM80.00 per household, and not per family. The immediate aim, bearing in mind the total collection amount, is to have 3 guards – 2 during the day and 1 at night. The street representatives are responsible for the collection of fees, (decided to be on a 3-monthly basis) which shall be remitted to the elected Treasurer, Mr. Goh Mea Seng, who will be backed-up by Mrs Ng. 6. Back Lane Grill: The residents also discussed the requirement to block off the back lane behind the houses of each street. The residents were reminded that the back lanes were required by law to be clear and accessible to fire-fighters and emergency rescue teams in case of fire. The blocking of the lanes, even if consented to by everyone, would be illegal and constitutes a fire-hazard. It would be deemed a criminal offence if someone was injured or died in the event of a fire in which firemen or rescue teams could not access an area due to obstructed back-lanes. Decision: This issue is to be resolved by the respective street representatives and the residents living therein. Any decision and costs for construction of the grills will have to be taken and borne by the respective street residents. 7. Combining with SD 10/2, 10/3 and 10/3A: The residents were reminded that in carrying out the security program, we should not isolate ourselves from our friends and neighbors across the road i.e. those staying in SD 10/2, 10/3 and 10/3A. Since SD 10/1A, 10/1B, 10/1C and 10/1D had obtained more than 85% participation of the residents in the security program, we have decided to proceed and implement it immediately due to residents being very worried about their safety. However, the residents were reminded that the best solution, both in terms of security arrangement and for the community relationship and spirit was to have a combined security arrangement for the whole area encompassing the whole of SD 10. Decision: The residents agreed to go ahead and maintain the current security arrangement for SD 10/1A, 10/1B, 10/1C and 10/1D while waiting for the rest of the residents in SD 10/2, 10/3 and 10/3A to decide to start participating in the security program, which could be easily restructured to take into account the area as a whole. The consensus was that there should be at least 85% participation. 8. Neighborhood Watch: The residents were reminded that even having the best guards in the business would not guarantee them of a crime-free environment. Ultimately it was up to the residents themselves to ensure this, i.e. they had to look out for each other, to report any suspicious characters to the police, to notify their neighbors of their absence, to check up on their neighbors in case of suspicious activities or triggering of home alarms, to share information received on incidences or suspects in the vicinity etc. In the course of doing all the above, it will automatically enhance the spirit of neighborliness and goodwill among all the residents. Decision: The residents agreed on this and will make an effort to get to know and interact with each other better. To start off this effort, all residents will be given a list of names and contacts for each street. 9. There being no further matters to be discussed, the meeting adjourned at 11.15 p.m. 14th October 2009

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