Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Date : Sunday, January 31, 2009
Time : 5.15 PM
Venue : Zulpura Restaurant SD7, Bandar Sri Damansara
Chaired by : Mr Heng Phok Wee
Minutes by : Ms Rosalind Chai

Attended by :

Mr Heng Phok Wee Chairman
Mr Sidney Khoo Ching Jye Deputy Chairman
Ms Rosalind Chai Yoke Thay Secretary
Mr Goh Mea Seng Treasurer
Mr Alan Ong Yeow Fooi Committee
Mr Jonathan Lee Kim Seong Committee
Mr Clarence J Dennis Committee
Mr Lim Kim Sang Committee
Mr. Yap Kit Wai Street Leader SD10/1B
Mr. S. Ravichanthiran Street Leader SD10/1B
En. Jeffry Faisal Resident

1. Brief/Discussion on the meeting with RA on 27th Jan 2010.

a. Financial Accounts; Income/Expenditure 2009 and Budget 2010 to be given to RA in preparation of AGM. Treasurer, Goh will liaise with RA treasurer for details.
b. Committee decided that Treasurer (Goh) will be keeping a Petty Cash amount of RM500 for minor expenditures.
c. Common Entry for other SD security areas; Committee propose to hold till later. Only vehicles with SD10/1-3 stickers are allowed entry (or registered vehicles) until further notice.

2. Stickers:

a. For participating residents – currently finalizing the distribution
b. For non-participating residents – to be printed and distributed upon getting their car no.
c. Kindergarten visitors (with different car stickers) will be charged at RM2 each.
d. Motorcycle stickers – to be printed and distributed.
e. School Bus/Cars; individual to gather the vehicle no and inform Street Leaders, who will liaise for the sticker issues, which will be charged.
f. Gate Tags will be provided for all participating residents. Cost of each tag is estimated RM3 each and will be distributed (pending availability from Alan).
g. Visitor Pass – to prepare soonest.

3. To expedite getting the Letter of Consent for gate closure

a. Sidney to email to all for committees/street leaders to expedite getting the outstanding signatories.

4. Guard House & Boom Gates

a. Guard Houses are under construction and will be completed within a week.
b. Letter has been issued to inform RA of the Guard Houses and Boom Gates construction.
c. Suggestions for guard house to have better roof – to be determined upon getting the funds.
d. Yap will obtain the Press Auto Boom Gate prices and to be built upon getting the funds.

5. Support for SD9/123 application for fixing speed breaker and fencing up park main entrance between SD9/1 and SD10/1.

a. To expedite the support signatories from SD10/2, 10/2A and 10/3.

6. Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Sri Damansara (RA) is imposing administrative fees of RM200.00 per month.

a. Have paid for January 2010.
b. Proposed to get refund or clear previous over-payment of security fees to RA, before continue the monthly RM200 payment.
c. To propose waive of RM20 per usage charges for using RA office.

7. Security Guidelines

a. Jeffry will draft the Security Guidelines for Security Co and Guards and distribute for all to comment.
b. Security Guidelines for Security Co and Guards will be given to existing security co. (SCS) and Committee will detail out the expectation to SCS.
c. SCS has provided ID cards copy of the 5 security guards, but one of them has just resigned.
d. Committee will get the detail of the new guard (s) from SCS.
e. Committee will instruct SCS to inform change/replacement guards to Secretary (Rosalind) and Jonathan.

8. Tagging device; Heng will obtain from RA the tagging device together with the tagging points in the area.

a. Will sign a letter to RA stating we have taken the tagging device
b. And will in turn get security co. (SCS) to sign similar letter.
c. Tagging device is to be sent to RA’s Karen on every Monday 11am to download the tagging records.

9. Alternative Security Cos.

a. Heng & Sidney have met a new co., Delta Force, which offer same price and with free two Press Auto Boom Gate, one each at M4 and M5. Drawback is that they do not operate in SD now.
b. Will discuss with co. with operate at SD10/4-8.
c. Committee decided to pursue new co. if SCS fail to adhere to the guidelines and meet the expectation.
d. Any changes will be after March 2010 due to the CNY festive.

10. All decided to have a meeting/briefing session with all SD10/1-3 residents on 7th Feb 2010 at the playground’s basketball/badminton court, at 5pm.

a. Committees/Street Leaders shall inform respective residents accordingly.

11. Others:

a. Gotong Royong suggestion by Jonathan via email; All decided it will be carried out later, after the festive, with details to be worked out later.
b. Committee authorized the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to be the authorized signatories (any two of them) to give instructions to RA for cheques issuance. – Letter issued to RA.

Meeting adjourned at 7.20pm.

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