Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Towards A Safer, Greener, Cleaner and Close-knit MS Community

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Date : Sunday, 22nd November 2009
Time : 8.30PM
Venue : No.1 SD 10/1C, Bandar Sri Damansara
Chaired by : Mr Heng Phok Wee
Minutes by : Ms Rosalind Chai

Attended by :

Mr Heng Phok Wee Chairman
Mr Sidney Khoo Ching Jye Deputy Chairman
Ms Rosalind Chai Yoke Thay Secretary
Mr Goh Mea Seng Treasurer
Mr Alan Ong Yeow Fooi Committee
Mr Jonathan Lee Committee
Mr Steven Kong Committee
Mr Clarence J Dennis Committee
Mr Chew Yong See Committee
Mr Lim Kim Sang Committee
Mr Lim Pang Kiong Committee
Ms Yew Lay Tin Street Leader
Mr. Yap Kit Wai Street Leader
Mr. Rafeeudeen Abu Bakar Street Leader
Mr. Ho Teck Sin Street Leader
Mr. Muthu Rawa Resident

1. Security Company agreed to waive 5% government tax.

2. Ms. Hew (10/1E) requested that the drum be removed from the corner near Gate M5.
 Will place one drum if the cars continue to take fast corners at guard house

3. Banners in place and Mr. Heng to prepare letters to condos

4. Stickers with serial number, house number and Street name :-
 Sponsor by Mr.Alan Ong will get it ready before 14th Nov. 2009 for distribution to residents during the round for consent letter signature.
 To give 3 stickers free for all residents participates in this programmed.
 To give 2 stickers free with red color back-ground to non participants.
 To make different stickers with visitors for Kinder Garden visitors and Mr. Alan Ong will charge the kindergaden owner at RM 2.00 each..
 All street leader to get ready the car numbers by 1st Dec 2009 to implement gate closure.n peak hours :-
 To sort out car number first before motorcycle.

5. Boom Gate M4 closure :-
 The Boom gate M4 will close after 12.00 midnight guard will control the traffic.

6 Boom Gate M5 closure :-
 The implementation of the Boom Gate M5 will depends on the completion of Letter of Consent.
 To record all vehicle without stickers
 To register all visiters and same as Taxi

7 Margosa Security Participation Form and Letter of Consent.
 All Street Leaders will try to get ready by 1st Dec 2009 to implement Boom Gate M5 closure.
 SD 10/2 – 80% ready
 SD 10/3 – some only
 SD 10/1C – All completed
 SD 10/1A – The street Leader is always not in, currently oversea. Street Leader from SD 10/2 and 10/3 will try to help after completing their end.

8 Margosa Security Bank Account: Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Sri Damansara (MS)
 Ms Karen already prepare all require document.
 To check with Karen for additional signatory to include the chairman and Treasurer.
 Mr. Goh need the fund to pay the security company by end of November.
 To stream line all collection by calendar quarter.
 To print out all collection and spending every quarter for distribution.

9 Infrastructure improvement & enhancement (See location map) – guard post repair, fencing, lighting, etc ( Approximately RM 10,000.00 depends on design )
 To build 2 new Guard Post estimated at RM 5000.00
- To proceed with building of both guard house and all agreed with the price.
 Tenaga deposit and meter connection cost RM 1,800.00 each.
To proceed with application for Tenaga Meter on Guard house M4 only due to fund.
 Tenaga deposit and meter connection for M5 guard house will delay depends on fund collection.
 We need additional RM 500.00 for lighting internal wiring for both guard house.
 To check with SD10/1E if they want to join the security.
 Any house with Tenaga pole can apply for street light at RM 10.00 per months. We can collect the application and send on behalf.
 Fencing and others cost estimated at RM 3,000.00
 Fencing for SD 9 and SD 10 Jogging track, we may need to share the costing.
 Total cost for the infrastructure :-
- Guard house , RM 5,000.00
- Tenaga Meter and Deposit, RM 3,600.00 for both.
- Fencing and others, 3,400.00
- Total estimated at RM 12,000.00
 To light up the guard house temporary.
 To spot check the guard performance by all residence
 The guard should check at M5 for 10 minutes after rounding.
 MBPJ – If they come round for trimming and cutting of trees, to advice residence not to pay them as this is MBPJ responsibility.
 To have suggestion box at guard house.
 To create e-mail address for suggestion and complain, Mr. Lee agreed to managed the e-mail.
 To leave the form of complaint at guard house.
 Removal forms :- ( Mr. Muthu will prepare the form )
- Owner or tenant need to give notice to the resident security committee in advance
- Renovations, owner need to register the contractor and workers including car or motorcycle registration number.
 To get a log book for recording of all complain and crime happening etc…
 To record in serial number all cars coming in after peak hours.
- Name in licence :-
- Car Numbers :-
- House to visit :-
- At night the guard will follow and ensure the car / motorcycle visiting the house registered.

Meeting adjourned at 11.20pm.
Next meeting will be advised by SMS.

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